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How to Rent Links Effectively (If You Must)

Renting links is still effective if done properly, however, you may want to reconsider renting text links in general if youare new to search engine marketing.

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Building A Natural Link Profile

Building links but worried about being penalized by Google? Here are some of the possible metrics search engines may use to detect manipulation

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Using the Digg API

Everyday microblogging is gaining more traction. In this article we go over some of the basic steps of syndicating your social network activity on your blog/website via digg's api

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New Keyword Rankings Tool

Please help us test our new keyword rankings tool that pulls data from the Seodigger.com api.

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Is the DIGG experience worth it ?

The real value of Digg's front page isn't direct traffic. The natural back links from bloggers increase PR and relevant anchor text links help in keyword rankings.


htaccess tool

Posted on Dec 13 2008

This tool allows users to create a custom apache .htaccess file that eliminates a couple of the most common PageRank leaks found on a typical site. Simply enter your domain name and default index page and click the submit button.


Google Analytics: Goals and Sitelinks

Posted on Dec 12 2008

Google is using a lot of your web browsing data for their own nefarious purposes. We suspect that they are using goal conversion data to determine sitelinks. Who knows what else?


Reddit’s Secret API

Posted on Nov 24 2008

Despite its open source platform, reddit has been relatively slow in extending functionality. However there are some (slightly) hidden json endpoints.

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Hiding Content from Spiders with jQuery

Posted on Oct 19 2008

Any decent SEO is certainly aware of the CSS float technique to manipulate how a search engine spider caches your site. Unfortunately, for their clients, not many are using client side includes to de-emphasize less desirable content.


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